About Us

We believe in providing the best experience at an affordable price.

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“Yo Hablo Español! was established on 2012 to fill the foreign language void in the pre school enrichment industry. Our Enrichment classes are filled with movement, music, action and passion. We believe in providing the best experience at an affordable price.”

Jerika Lopez, Founder


Get To Know Our Instructors

Our courses are designed and taught designed by experienced and caring instructors.


 Sonrisas Spanish Curriculum provides a link between our classes with the parents and teachers. The learning continues after the class is over, providing a higher learning experience.

Sonrisas Spanish is effective because it is pedagogically sound, and it engages students in a fun, natural, and age-appropriate way.

Students acquire Spanish with a combination of music, lesson activities, games, authentic children’s Spanish literature, art, and drama.They practice their skills with partner time and portfolio activities.

Teachers use formative and summative assessments to monitor and evaluate student learning.

The end result is that students learn lots of age-appropriate, practical, and conversational Spanish.

Enrichment Partners

We partner with the following organizations:

  • Anne Arundel Recreation and Parks
  • Belair Cooperative Nursery School
  • New Life Child Care
  • Baldwin Early Childhood Center
  • Moms Group Of Bowie
  • NASA Goddard Children Development Center
  • My Casita Feliz
  • Columbia Academy ( All Pre- School Locations)
  • St. Matthews
  • The Young School (All Locations)